Lake Guard® Blue

EPA-approved, fast acting treatment for the removal of algal blooms in lakes and ponds.

Designed for use on water bodies over 1 acre in size.

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Eliminates harmful algae in 24-48 hours
Rehabilitates Aquatic environments
Tracks and targets the algae
Ideal for any body of water over 1 acre
Lakeguard Blue algal bloom treatment for any size waterbody

Why you should choose Lake Guard® Blue

  • Fast Acting - Quickly and effectively removes and prevents the return of harmful algal blooms (HAB), toxic algal blooms, cyanobacteria, Prymnesium (golden algae), unicellular algae, karenia brevis, etc. within 24-48 hours.
  • Rehabilitates Aquatic Environments - By using environmentally-safe methods to remove invasive algae, Lake Guard Blue restores the natural habitat to its pre-bloom condition.
  • Proactive or Reactive - Can be used both proactively—to prevent algal blooms from forming— or reactively—to remove existing blooms.
  • Works on Waterbodies of any size - Lake Guard Blue product contains 10lb of active ingredient, sufficient to rehabilitate approximately 1-20 acres of water. Approved for use in fresh, brackish and salt waters. Not intended for small personal ponds, fish tanks, pools or Koi (or other ornamental fish) fountains.
  • Easy to Apply - Ready-to-use granules can be applied from the waterbody bank - no prior experience in treatment application required. 
  • Environmentally Safe - Lake Guard Blue is EPA approved and restores ecological equilibrium to the waterbody.


Lake Guard Blue is buoyant due to BlueGreen’s patented IP coating. This makes application easy and convenient as the product is carried by wind or current to the affected location, without need for human intervention. Lake Guard Blue’s active ingredients are environmentally-safe and break down harmful algae or cyanobacteria.

10lbs Container


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How to apply Lake Guard® Blue